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  • What we do


    We deliver custom technology solutions that take your business to the next level.


    We build quality desktop, web and mobile applications and software systems for a wide range of industries.

    We embed AI backed solutions in our apps to unlock new possibilities.


    Crypto investments manager web app for crypto funds


    The system comprises crypto address depositories as well as real-time portfolio and fund performance monitors.

    The app manages information from blockchains as well as from exchanges. Automated fee and cost calculations ensure access to real-time net asset value.

    Machine learning backed smart monitoring system for dairy and beef farmers


    The system is built on a smart rumen bolus equipped with multiple sensors as well as on machine learning algorithms that aim to predict certain health events.

    Bookable travel API manager


    Travel APIs application that lets your customers search, book and pay on your applications. Full user journey on your product, including payment and confirmation.

    Thematic chat app


    Chat application for desktop and mobile with a websocket and microservice architecture based real time chat engine in the background.

    3D Secure 2.0 servers for an online payment solutions company


    The implementation of 3D Secure 2.0 servers for both Visa and Mastercard payment transactions.

    Video based analysis of squats for the assessment of potential musculoskeletal disorders


    The system is built on a camera system and other sensor data. It is designed for sports medicine physicians and is aimed at both prevention and rehabilitation.

    Automated agricultural area statistics reports


    Map based, automated reports on agricultural parcels.

    Trading strategies simulation software


    Simulation and evaluation of trading algorithms.

    Real-time travel insurance manager mobile app


    The app enables you to start and stop your travel insurance policy just anytime.


    The app was produced for an industry leading insurance business, and was developed on both iOS and Android concurrently.

    Motion analysis system for the assessment and analysis of musculoskeletal disorders


    The system is built on accelerometer and gyroscope data collected during standardised, basic exercises.

    The system is designed for sports medicine physicians and is aimed at both prevention and rehabilitation.

    Desktop and mobile information manager app


    The app enables users to save, organise and utilise any piece of digital information - selected texts, data, images, charts, tables, videos, screenshots, or pdf documents. The system comprises a Chrome browser extension, a web app, as well as iOS and Android apps.

    The app is a four-times editor’s top pick app in the Chrome Web Store.


    Professional-grade, personalized video production platform


    The platform enables users to create branded short video content in minutes.

    The system is built on Nuke, a node-based digital compositing application that enables the creation of custom, 3D videos.

    Community management mobile app


    Community relationship management mobile app for a bible believing ministry.

    Interactive, educational, virtual tour guides app


    The app was developed for both iOS and Android concurrently.

    Elderly care videoconference set-top box programming


    The system enables elderly people to have easy access to the video call center of their health care services provider via their own television set, a set-top camera and a remote controller.

    Classified ads data parser Chrome browser extension


    The browser extension replaces the burdensome copying of data. It enables users to save selected data from selected websites with just a click in the users’ own databases.

    Financial services sector software development assignments


    The team also has extensive experience with ERP system integration and data migration, as well as with custom reporting tools and other custom solutions.

  • How we work

    Technologies we love

    JavaScript (React, Angular, Node)

    Ruby (Rails), C# (.NET), Python, as well as
    Electron, NW.js, GraphQL, machine learning technologies, robot and PLC programming, among others.


    We develop solutions for both desktop and mobile devices, as well as for special purpose industrial or commercial devices.

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    We're members of MIK (Association of AI developers in Hungary)

  • Who we are


    Our team is based in Budapest, Hungary.

    Get in touch with us at lumiolabs@lumiolabs.io.


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